Never having tried this before, I was quite sceptical. I listened to Debra on the talk and
thought I would give it a try - Deb's personality, knowledge, professionalism and the ease
that she put me at, was excellent. I have completed the 7 course treatment and after 6 years
of constant pain 24/7, I was overwhelmed and amazed at the relief that Deb's treatment
brought to me. It has been truly excellent and I would not have been able to fully participate
in the walks over these arduous tours that we have had. I just wish I could take Deb home to
continue the relief from the pain that I have experienced. I shall be eternally grateful to Deb
and hope I can find someone in England who will be as learned, professional and
comfortable to talk to as Deb has been.  Both Paul and I would like to thank her so much -
we have nicknamed her Our Lady Fatima after the pilgrimage site in Portugal because it has
been for me a true wonder at what she has accomplished.
                                                                                                      -  Gill R. 9/19/14

I have suffered for one year with a very painful verruca on my foot and have a large number
of treatments and visits to the chiropodist to no effect. So I thought why not give this
acupuncture thing ago! After two treatments my pain is almost completely gone!! It is quite
frankly a miracle. I also had a post viral rash all over my body and the treatment calmed it
down and stopped the itch. Thank you Debra - you are a gifted healer!
                                                                                                      -  Lori C 10/10/14

I met Debra when she was a student at Bastyr. She is the only student that I followed from
professor to professor. All the others, I usually stick with the professors, and a set of
students for the current term. Debra is very knowledgeable, and able and willing to THINK
about what you are telling her - she does not put you into a 'box' of symptoms. She is very
sorely missed here in Washington state, but I am happy that many others will get to
experience her now.
                                                                                                       -  Karen H. 11/5/2012

Debra Lapiers is amazing! A truly gifted healer that is in tune with her patients needs. She is
gentle, effective, and an all around fantastic person as well as practitioner.
                                                                                                      -  Lara 08/06/12

When I came on board our family holiday was going to be a very sedate one for me as I
suffer from severe arthritis in my knees. I knew our holiday would be limited. Then we met
Debra!! My holiday has been very different. From my first acupuncture session I was pain
free. I still can't believe it. I have been able to do as much as the rest of my family. My knees
have been pain free and minimal swelling from my very first session.  I have more movement
in my knees than I have had for many years. I was very close to a knee replacement surgery
before this cruise. Now I believe I have several years of healthy living ahead of me. Thank
you Debra!!!

                                                                                                      -  Donna T. 7/24/14

Very informative consultation, with no pressure to have treatment. I found the staff friendly,
caring and very professional. No thing is too much trouble. After 3 treatments I feel a new
man and have more movement than I've had for many years. Thank-you is not a big enough
word for you have done for me. Thank-you Debra.
                                                                                                       -  John P.  5/22/14

Debra has treated us for arthritis and has worked wonders. She has reduced the swelling in
our fingers and made it possible to bend and flex our fingers. She has also treated our knees
and backs - achieving great success in reducing the swelling and pain. She has also treated
me for IBS and a deficiency in yin, prescribing Chinese herbs. We have each had eight
sessions with Debra and admire her professionalism.  She has become a friend to us. Many
                                                                                                      -  Ann and Alun N.

Since coming on board the Aurora, Debra has been incredible. With all the constant and
repetitive activity and exercise I do it was no surprise when she told me I had plantar
fasciaitis. Debra started treating me immediately as it became so bad I could no longer teach.
After just the first session it felt relieved.  And with more treatments it relieved my symptoms
and I was teaching and exercising as  normal again. The enthusiasm, knowledge and
passion Debra has for acupuncture is inspiring and it is a pleasure to know and work with
her.  Not only has she treated me for this but for stress and rebalanced my energy along
with my fellow colleagues. She is a kind and caring person who will always go the extra mile
to help you. She is a credit to herself and everything she believes in.
                                                                                                      -  Sophie D. 7/14/14
8390 W. Gage Blvd Suite 102
Kennewick, WA 99336