Everyone is welcome, as long as they are quiet & respectful.

Wondering what the difference between "private" and "community" acupuncture is?
Here is a page devoted to explaining it.

New patients must have an appointment. Walk-ins must be seated 30 minutes before closing.

It is important not to have acupuncture if you haven't eaten for a long time.  Your body needs energy for
the acupuncture to work. (ATP to be specific.) If you haven't eaten for a long time, you can end up light-
headed, dizzy or upon a rare occasion, passing out.  

Please wear clothing that allows access to the areas from the elbows to the hands and from the knees to
the feet.  You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks, so that they can access the acupuncture
points in those areas.  The more comfortable you are, the better your treatment will work.  

If you have knee problems, we suggest that you bring in a pair of shorts to change into in the restroom for
your treatment.

Silence truly is golden.  We kindly ask that you and your phone are silenced. Some people are sleeping
during their treatments. To ensure patient privacy, no photos may be taken by patients, and no visitors
inside the treatment area.  If you like to sleep or like it very quiet, you may bring your iPod (or other music
device) to use with earbud style headphones, or you can ask at the front desk for complementary
disposable pair of ear plugs.

You will fill out a short online intake, that includes e-signing a consent form, and pay a $1
5 admin fee in
addition to the cost of the first visit. An individual link to the patient intake form can be emailed in advance
of arriving for a treatment.

The acupuncturist will review your information and health complaint(s) in private, asking few questions to
discern the appropriate treatment.

Once you're finished, the receptionist will accompany you back into the treatment room, helping to orient
you to the clinic policies.

Your acupuncturist will insert the needles according to your primary complaints (note that we don’t need to
needle in the area of pain to provide relief-we use points on the arms/legs/ears and scalp, and they work

You’ll relax for about 45 minutes, then your practitioner will remove your needles and recommend a
treatment plan for you.

When you return for future treatments, you will simply check in and have a seat in the patient area. The
practitioner will check on your progress, ask relevant questions, insert your needles and leave you to rest.  

People with appointment will always be seen first. Walk-ins are Welcome if space is available.

The clinic has a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If something comes up, please cancel 24 hours in
advance to avoid a $15 fee.

Acupuncture Ready Attire!

Complementary earplugs can be
requested but you're always welcome
to listen to you own music.  

The lighting will be minimal in the
treatment area but you can wear your
own sunglasses or eye cover.
Not Ready

Respect others and silence

Please minimize the use of
hands during treatments as
commonly used points are
around the hands and arms.

Eating, drinking, and
disruptive behavior is not

Prefer to wear long sleeves shirts
and pants?

No problem if they can be raised
above the knee and elbow.
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