Erik Lapiers, Office Manager

Erik is a Tri-cities native who graduated from Kamiakin HS.
He traveled abroad for several years visiting many
countries while serving in the US Army as a Criminal
Investigator. He retired in June 2016 as a Warrant Officer 3.

Erik’s experience with acupuncture has mostly been on the
receiving end of the needle and extensive conversations with
Debra. Erik has received treatments from students and veteran
acupuncturists alike to include acupuncturists in Korea. He
has spent a considerable amount of time learning about
acupuncture from Debra to better serve patients who have

"My first experience with acupuncture was with Debra in Korea. She became ill and was told to
return to the US which would have separated our family. She saw an acupuncturist at the
request of one of our Korean friends. Debra made an incredible recovery as a result. I wasn't
sure her recovery as a result of acupuncture at the time. I thought Acupuncture was some old
medical procedure which was rightfully replaced by modern medicine. My belief was
acupuncture was a placebo affect.   

I was assigned as Commander of a Criminal Investigation Office and working between 60-80
hours a week due to limited manpower. Doctors prescribed medication for hypertension and I
was having issues with my memory. Debra harassed me into seeing a local acupuncturist. I felt
this was a waste of time but the cost was minimal and I wanted her to stop pestering me. I met
with the acupuncturist who spoke broken English. She understood I wanted to be treated for
high blood pressure and it was my understanding she was doing just that. She felt my shoulders
and stated I had a lot of muscle tension. I told her I was only concerned about the Blood
pressure and didn't want to take medication for it. I thought at best this would be a placebo
affect reducing BP for a short period. The needles were inserted and she felt my shoulders
again which went from stone solid to jelly. I was surprised this was even possible. I assumed the
treatment was a mental trick resulting in the expected outcome. She treated the muscle pain
rather than the BP. It was explained later that Hypertension was as a result of several other
issues in the body.

I do most of the intake and frequently have patiences tell me, 'I don't believe in this but will try
anything at this point.' I just tell them to give it a try and belief is not required for the treatment
to work. I understand their disbelief from my own experience."   - Erik
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