Debra Lapiers, LAc, EAMP

Debra was born in the Tri-cities and graduated from Kamiakin
HS. She traveled abroad for several years and found a love
for natural healing and acupuncture while living in Korea.
She attended Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA where she
obtained a Masters of Acupuncture. She has operated three
successful practices including one while at sea on the
MV Aurora for P&O cruise lines. Her time on the Aurora gave
her valuable insight on how to treat many patients with limited
access to resources while achieving superior results. Many
people gained lasting relief for pain, both physical and mental,
and were better able to enjoy their holidays on board. P&O
awarded her the Silver Customer Service Award after only
4 months on board.

Debra’s experience treating a large variety of health issues at sea inspired her to start a
community acupuncture practice back home. Her desire is to have a sustainable clinic which
services all income categories making acupuncture more available to people. Above all things,
she is enthusiastic about acupuncture and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone
she treats.

"Many people ask me how I got involved with acupuncture. My story is a simple one. My
husband's job took us to South Korea. While I was there, I became very sick. I have asthma,
and the air pollution was creating a bad situation for me. I had seen all the doctors on our
installation and was starting to have fluid build up in my lungs. They sent me to the
international hospital in the center of the city. The doctor decided I needed to be an inpatient,
which is a common practice in South Korea. I was put on IV therapy and diagnosed with Mixed
Asthma. That means that I was having an allergic reaction as well as a reaction to the cold air
or other triggers. My body was fighting from multiple angles. I stayed in the hospital for 8 days.
There was no air conditioner for the hot days, and the evening air was thick with smoke from
wood burning stoves. The doctor was going on vacation and agreed to let me go home because
my apartment was in the country where the air was so much cleaner. Over the course of the
next 3 months I did not improve. I wore a mask everywhere I went to try to help my lungs filter
the air and prevent me from catching anything that would make it worse.

I was on 6 different allergy medications and 3-4 different inhalers, including steroids. The
doctor told me in January of 2007 that he could no longer help me and I needed to go back to
America. I was very upset. My family was there with me in Korea. I didn't want us to be
separated again but I was still having a lot of problems breathing. I was coughing and
wheezing. I was using my rescue inhaler up to 7 times a day. A co-worker of mine had a friend
who said she would go with me if I wanted to try Oriental Medicine. I said yes! I would have
tried anything to keep my family together. She went with me to the teaching university in
Daegu. It was very big and smelled like an herbal dispensary. She helped translate, but the
doctor there spoke English. Dr. Park, the doctor I saw, was amazing. She asked me weird
questions, felt my pulse on both wrists and then looked at my tongue.

It seemed pretty weird, and I laughed about it later. Her treatment was four needles on the left
side of my body; Lung 9, Heart 8, Kid 10 and Spleen 3. I had a book at home that had a list of
acupuncture points in it, purely by coincidence. She also gave me some herbal tea to drink. It
came in little packets, and I was to drink a packet 3 times a day. Over the next couple of
months, I came in 3 times a week. She changed my tea, and some of the points as she
adjusted my treatments. Every week I was getting stronger, and stopped taking all that
medication. After 3-4 months of treatment, people were asking me what I was doing. I was
glowing! I looked so healthy! I told them, and some of them joined me.I pondered, why wasn't
this amazing treatment my FIRST treatment? It was then that I decided I was going to learn
acupuncture and help educate people on what an amazing form of therapy it is!"    

- Debra Lapiers
8390 W. Gage Blvd Suite 102
Kennewick, WA 99336