Private v. Community - What’s the Difference?

In private settings, the practitioner will typically spend 30-45 minutes
on an intake, assessment and consultation. The client is then treated
in a private room, usually on a massage table. Some practitioners
insert needles on both the front and the back of the body. The
private acupuncturist may provide additional therapies, such as
cupping, massage, and moxibustion, and may recommend lifestyle
changes. The needle retention time is usually precisely limited in this
setting, as the private room may need to be available for the next

Our community acupuncture clinic is set up similarly to acupuncture
clinics in many Asian countries. Because we have a high-volume clinic,
we get a lot of practice giving a wide variety of treatments every single
day. We are very skilled in making a quick and efficient assessment and providing an effective
personalized treatment. We specifically study acupuncture methods well-suited for delivering
results in a community setting in order to offer skilled care at affordable rates to more people.
However, we are usually not able to offer any one client extra consultation time or additional

We encourage our clients to take a deep rest during their acupuncture sessions.  Additionally,
we are able to see walk-in patients for immediate treatments such as pain, headaches, and
stress which may require a wait time with private practices.  

For those who prefer more privacy and more consultation time with their acupuncture, there are
many excellent practitioners in the Tri City area offering private treatments.  
8390 W. Gage Blvd Suite 102
Kennewick, WA 99336